Midproject The space that is and isn’t


The void is the key and in this case I chose Ma as a good mental picture. Ma: The Space that is and isn´t, the energy in between, spacing, the void, the silence, the pause, the emptiness, the intervals, distance, timing, etc. Ma is something that is present throughout Japanese society, but mainly in the traditional arts . I am interested in the space/void, the sharp idiom and the construction of the body near parts vs. the volume from the body.

I chose to work a lot with the coating in different ways. To create a surface for strengthening shape. For the rigid seal coated materials, I have then chosen thinner and more following fabrics as contrast and it creates an excitement, a availability.

Important words: Space/viod, Intervals of space, Sculptural, Edgy vs casual, Energy



Main Photographer: Jenny Jacobsson
Model: Ellen Brantemo
Hair & makeup: Linnea Arvidsson


Lookbook photos

Photographer: Emelie Arvidsson
Model: Klara Hobbs